2023: Yahaya Bello Has A Duty For The Libration Of Nigerian Youths and Women

By Hon. Abdulmumin Danga.

By now it should be clear to all that there is a divine backing on Governor Bello’s destiny and at all levels. His promotion and lifting usually do not follow natural order nor human calculation and protocols.

Yahaya Bello is a child of Providence ordained by the Almighty for the liberation of Nigerian Youths from the political godfathers and gladiators.

Nigerian Youths Can not afford to seat down and be expecting a better tomorrow, they have to stand up and change things. Nations are built by the youths all over the world, the youths have the power to change things, the youths can not just seat down and be lamenting and allow themselves to be used continually by the failed politicians who keep on recycling themselves.

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For Nigeria to experience any meaningful change the youths must take their place in governance.

The young people must be conscious of the fact that they have all it takes to be in control of power at the center of government.

The youths have the number to win the 2023 presidential election in favour of Governor Yahaya Bello.

Many of those parading themselves as political leaders today have been in the corridors of power for the past 30 to 40years which means they have been relevant since their own youthful days yet they are not willing to give way for the younger ones to grow and take over from them.

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The older generation have failed Nigerians, they have nothing new to offer. They are disconnected from the people, their wealth and business has beclouded them from the reality. Only a youth with passion for a new Nigeria can change the narration.

Yahaya Bello is the man, sent to bring the much desired change for Nigeria growth and development.

Nigeria youths must be aware that our support for Bello’s Presidency is for our own good because he is the only one who has shown the capacity and audacity to challenge the old order of recycling older generation of politician.

The future of Nigeria depends on what it does with its dynamic youthful population. The demographic advantage of the youth must be turned into a first rate and well trained workforce.

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The old must give way to the young. We must rebuild trust, equity and social justice to propel strong cohesiveness as a nation.

It’s time to take the front seats in piloting the affairs of this nation.

It’s time to rise up and support Yahaya Bello for President. His antecedent in the last six years in a heterogeneous state as Governor speaks volumes.

As we inch towards 2023. The clarion call is for a security conscious leader, a unifier and a believer in one Nigeria as proven by Gov. Yahaya Bello.

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