Kogi Guber 2023; We Must Have The Fear Of God In Kogi Central

By Dr Tom Ohikere

The people of Kogi west have for long been treated as used and dumped by their kogi east and kogi central counterparts. They are only remembered when power is being canvassed. For example, when kogi east retained power for 16 years, Kogi Central and West joined hands for a power shift. When Kogi Central by the divine grace of God actualized its dream of power in 2016, the relevance of Kogi west to Kogi Central was automatically dismissed.

If the people of Ebiraland will look at their back, look at their front, look at their right and left, if they want to be honest with themselves, they will see enough reasons to support power rotation to Kogi west in the forthcoming governorship election.

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The pregnant future will not be fair to us in Kogi Central if we cheat or maneuver our brothers and sisters from Kogi west as 2023 is their turn to occupy the exalted seat.

Let’s support them today so that the future will have a place for our unborn generation.

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