10th NASS: Why APC Should Zone Senate President To Southeast – Ohikere

By Our Reporter

Former Kogi state information commissioner, Tom Ohikere has urged the All Progressives Congress (APC) to zone the Senate Presidency to the Southeast in the interest of fairness and stability of the incoming dispensation and also for unity in the APC.

Ohikere made the assertion while speaking to select journalists in Lokoja, Kogi state on the sidelines of the March 18, state assembly elections.

According to Ohikere, no ethno – religious or geo-political region has a monopoly of any political party and that permutations and political outcomes are usually the results of strategic negotiations and concessions.

He said the political scene is ever dynamic and constantly changing and success for a political party involves the ability to carry all factions along amicably.


Ohikere said, “The Southeast have an indignation towards the APC government over alleged marginalization. Politics is dynamic game and the balance of yesterday, cannot stand the realities of today. That is the push and pull of today.

“The outgoing dispensation witnessed other regions like the northwest, the Southwest, Northeast, North central and even the South – South playing visible roles in the executive and legislative powers of government, the southeast from which emerges one of the major three tribes of the country has been conspicuously absent much to their consternation. Even though many in the APC are blaming it on their non-acceptance of the party. But it is simple, if you want the region to accept you then you should act favourable or more persuasively towards it, and I believe that is what the Buhari’s government has been doing in the latter part of the administration with the various visit to the region.

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Ohikere added that the southeast APC have proven their worth in the general election against palpable odds, even clinching some senatorial seats in the southeast and southsouth states, such as Ebonyi, Imo, Abia, Edo and Cross Rivers state.

Ohikere who is also the chairman of the APC Broom Platform said the current chief whip of the National Assembly, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu has paid his dues towards the upliftment, stability and successes of the party and hence is more qualified than any other elected politician to be the next president of the senate.

“With the changing of the guard, the shift in balance and the evolving clarity of perception will no doubt lead to new alliances and permutations from both within our party and on the general political level. Zoning and rotation for balance has always been central to our political calculus especially in such a period of crucial decision making.

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“Despite the denials and apologies of the APC leadership, the Southeast APC has been growing steadily and parading prominent names, including former governor Orji Uzor Kalu. Kalu who is currently the chief whip of the national assembly has shown himself unquestionably loyal to the APC in its vision for a better Nigeria. Hence the clamour within the APC for him to occupy such a position, Ohikere stated

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