My attention has been drawn to a press release that was purportedly sent to section of media houses by officials The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) by the spokesman of the authority by name Kenneth Chigelu containing series of tissue lies and concoctions that were hurriedly put together to impugn on my character as a decent and law abiding citizen of Nigeria.

What is even more worrisome is the fact that the statement that was published on Monday 3rd April, 2023 not only enjoyed prominence in a session of the media it has also elicited series of calls, visitations as well as enquiries by well-meaning Nigerians to me.

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These patriotic Nigerians have been making the contacts to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of the numerous lies and half-truths contained in the said statement which has caused many friends and business and political associates some sort of worry owing to the damaged that it has caused to my reputation.

I am therefore using the medium provided by this platform to warn the management of FHA to retract the said publication or risk legal action as I have been left with no other choice that to make a recourse to the law courts to seek the needed redress with a view to retrieve my damage reputation from FHA.

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I am however using this opportunity to call on my family members, friends, business and political associates to discountenance the claims contained in the said advertorial as mere tussles of lies fabricated to damage my rising business and political profile.

This is to also call on those who might have had business relationship with me both in the present and in the past not to panic as all the necessary processes were followed to the letter by me in conjunction with the FHA with respect to titles covering their respective property.

To you, I am saying your rights and claims to landed property brokered by me and my company are well covered and that all the grey areas with respect to the relationship between my company and the FHA would be sorted out in due course.

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