I open my case for the people of Kogi State not to vote for APC party come November 11 Governorship election 2023…

I refer to Kogi westerner/Kogite who are led by reason, not sentiment,by facts, not conjecture,by logic, not hot air,by self respect, not idol worship..

In 2015, Governor Yahaya Bello promised me in my palace at Obajana that he will work to see Kogi State becoming a frontline state and ranking favourably with other states like Lagos,Edo,River, Kano among few, and would make life better for our people… today, the reverse is the case…

There was no reason to doubt his integrity in the belief that APC would be superior,l joined the clamuor to ensure that PDP was jettisoned from control.lt was..

As a team,we tried our possible best and GYB came second position in the APC party,we did not stop at that ,we sacrificed everything to support GYB during the court crises after the death of Late Prince Abubakar Audu,his blessed memory…


Okun people massively vote for him,so why can’t he support an Okun man to become the next governor of kogi State? Why did he refuse to support any of his cabinet members/loyalists from Kogi West?(even within APC). Why is Okun Land denied of internal development in all sectors of governance..?

The consequence of trusting power to a wrong hands are clearly manifest in our political and economic predicament today… The last 7years seven(7) months of our democracy has only advertised the inherent contradiction of our aspiration as a people and it has shown the lack of cohesion in building on our potentials as a state…

Dear Kogite,in all fairness,it is the turn of Kogi West to present the next GOVERNOR of the state,all along,we have been supportive to Kogi East/Kogi Central to occupy Lugard House,it is our turn…

Lokoja township is found in Kogi West, a glorified local government headquarter,yet nothing happens at Lokoja, a state capital compared to other states, it’s obvious…

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GYB APC led government had run the state aground in the last 7years & few months of their stewardship,a situation that has gravely impoverished Kogite and make the state rank as the poverty capital of the nation..

Kogi APC are synonymous with greed, avarice, corruption and cluelessness and therefore should no longer be entrusted with the task of managing the rich human and material resources of a potentially great state … like Kogi State…

Without fear of contradiction,all indices of good governance anchored in the rule of law had remained negative since 2015 till date…,l insist that it shameful inhuman, ungodly, wicked and anti-people for APC to be jostling to renew their hold on power cum November Governorship election…

And yet this ramshackle chaos of a party , which has proved to be gargantuan in words but derelict in capacity and competence wants to continue to rule Kogi State.

I Chief Asaje, the state coordinator, Like Minds Group is advising Kogite to vote good leaders, because unless your prayer for your future is hopelessness, endless pain and desperation, you must reject APC like an affliction, which it has proved to be… Anyone who objects to this is either part of the affliction or needs treatment.

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In my humble obeisances,l urge you all not to vote for APC again, they have bad antecedents,Paris club/ bailout fund was blow off , Federal allocation and internal generated revenues were used to enrich themselves and had turned citizens to paupers.

We need a leader who is persuaded and led by the mammoth challenge of justice, poverty and accountability.

Chief Asaje asserted that for the public good, every society needs a leader who can think beyond himself.

He therefore implore everyone to support Hon Leke Abejide 4 GOVERNOR without alternative…, because he represent its vision and passion for the development of the state.


Like Minds Group, Kogi State Chapter

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