Re: We Didn’t Challenge Kogi Guber Polls At Tribunal 

The Kogi state chapter of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, has received, with utter disgust and disdain, the news making the round about a group of ignorant, misguided and irresponsible persons disguised and christened “SDP stakeholders”, who have paraded themselves as merchants of perfidy whose stock in trade is offering ill-services to the highest bidder.

In the presence of Nigeria’s finest media houses both print and electronic, they enchanted themselves with a poorly orchestrated lie about how the Social Democratic Party is not pursuing the broad daylight robbery that occurred on the 11th of November against its gubernatorial candidate at the tribunal.

As sensational as their headlines were, it is unfortunate that that is what it will end up remaining-sensational. This is because the eyes of the public have been opened by God to see beyond their mischiefs and propaganda to their sponsors and financiers. They are simply puppets dancing to the strings of Yahaya Bello and his acolytes who have continually put Kogi state in contemptuous light in the eyes of the public.

Normally, the state chapter would have let these slide and turned a blind eye, but it has become germane to set the record straight and guide the good people of kogi state on the path of truth and the reality on ground.

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Contrary to the lies and propaganda being bandied about by these cheap miscreants, the Social Democratic Party is not only going to the tribunal, but it is poised to win the case overwhelmingly that appealing the judgment by the opposition will be discouraging. This is the bane of their problems. The APC and Yahaya Bello are quite aware of the tons of evidence we have gathered against them and ready to tender in court, to challenge their “robbery”, that is why they are jittery and doing everything humanly and inhumanly possible to thwart the process from taking off.

The blind, deaf and dumb can see, hear and speak respectively of the unimaginable and incredible rigging that was carried out in kogi state to the utter dismay of Kogites and the world as a whole in the November 11th election. A brazen broad daylight heist that has left even the Inec and the APC who carried this act dumbfounded at their own unimaginable, unparalleled and nonpareil feat. If there was an award for rigging, we, as a party, are certain that Yahaya Bello and the APC will have no competition or rivals.

The SDP as the last bastion of democracy and people’s hope is determined to continue to protect the rights and duties of the people by advocating and protecting them where it can. This is the reason why it has decided to fight to the end with its candidate, Alh. Murtala Yakubu Ajaka, to retrieve its stolen mandate. This it will do with diligence, determination and zeal at its disposal. This is what it owes the good people of Kogi state whose mandate and votes were illegally stolen.

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Antithetical to the above statement by the rogue stakeholders who are apparently not known to the party and quite honestly never been seen in kogi state and whose nationalities should be quickly called to question, the Social Democratic Party considers itself answerable to the people who desire good governance laced with sincerity, collectivism, service to humanity, social order and democratic ideals and tenets. It will prove this in the coming days, as it has always done, by engaging in a robust legal battle at the tribunal with all the arsenal at its disposal so as to set on the right path a healthy growth of democracy in Kogi state.

The party is calling on kogites and Nigerians to, as usual, pay deaf ears to these money-mongers who have sold their souls to money and the devil, and be rest assured that we are in court and that our stolen mandate will be restored.

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It will be restored so that the souls of those whose blood were sacrificed so that our people can be liberated can finally find rest. It will be restored so that the policemen who were killed on the orders of the commissioner of police in Kogi state, Onuoha, can find peace and rest well. It will be restored so that the painful killing of the two brothers of Ustaz Shiek, the campaign director of Murtala Ajaka, can finally sleep peacefully.

The restoration will be the climax of the freedom from the manacles of percentage salary, intimidation, torture, disunity, poor infrastructure, killings, corruption, disarray etc in kogi state.

In conclusion, we want to assure our supporters to continue to hold sway as the smell of freedom is already on the horizon. Alh. Murtala Yakubu Ajaka will be the next governor of Kogi state after the momentary Pyrrhic victory of this placeholder.

God bless SDP,
God bless Kogi state,
God bless Nigeria,

Dr Arome Okeme
State secretary,
Kogi state SDP.

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