People Of Kogi East Should Stop Dreaming Of Becoming Governor In The Next 30 Years

Former zonal APC Media influencer and white lion coordinator Hon. Abdulganiyu Abdullahi said that the ethnic agenda of the Igala’s destroyed their political stance.

Abdullahi Said this during the New Year prayers in Lokoja, Kogi State capital.

To Abdulganiyu said it is time for kogi West people to collaborate with kogi Central to work together.., kogi Central politically are more trusted than kogi East ..

“Honestsly, Kogi easterners are seeing the governorship seat as a birthright for them to become the governor in kogi state…, if they did not change their mindsets and accept rotation they will never become governor again in kogi state. He also said kogi West have intelligent people who can make kogi the best , people like elder leke Abejide

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“Honourable Leke Abejide is a philanthropist and a destiny helpers he has been respected by kogi elders and youths because of his good work,even the governor elect in kogi have seek for his collaboration that they should work together, he is a peace ambassador.


Abdulganiyu Abdullahi ..

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