Alh. Mabo, Galadima Kupa, Katun Others To Lead Maiyaki Of Kupa Coronation Committee

The Maiyaki of Kupa Land, Alh. Pharm. Dauda Kabir Isa has appointed eminent sons and daughters of Kupa into various standing Committee for Presentation of Staff of Office to the newly appointed paramount ruler.

See lists of members below;

HRH. Alh. Pharm. Dauda Kabir Isa Etsu Kupa Maiyaki (The Maiyaki Of Kupa) has approved the following appointments, to serve as members of various standing committees in preparation for the forthcoming Presentation of STAFF OF OFFICE to the Stool of Maiyaki of Kupa slated for Friday 26/01/2024.

The standing committees Chairmen and members are as follow;


(1) Alh. Katun Isah Maiyaki (Makaman Kupa) Chairman
(2) Alh. Ibrahim Mohd Mami (Garkuwan Kupa)
Co-Chairman 1
(3) Alh. Mohd Adamu (Galadiman Kupa)
Co -Chairman 2
(4) Alh. Mohd Kasim Mabo, (Turakin Kupa)
Co- Chairman 3
(5) Mal. Yahaya Ibrahim Mohammed (Registrar, Uni Abuja) – Vice Chairman 1
(6) Hon. Abdulrahman Dangana,
Vice Chairman 2
(7) Mall. Saidu Abdulmalik, Co – Vice Chairman.
(8) Alh. Umaru Suleiman, Co-Vice Chairman 2
(9) Hajiya Maria Ibrahim Co-Vice Chairperson
(10) Hon. Ibrahim D. Saba, – Member.
(11) Alh. Ndamuye Miza, Member.
(11) Alh. Ndagi Mustapha, – Member.
(12) Hon. Abdullahi Ndagi Nuhu, – Member
(13) Dr. Gana Usman Uni Abuja, – Member.
(14) Dr. Gimba Mohd, Uni Abuja – Member.
(15) Hon. Abdulmalik Dakochi Suleiman, Member.
(16) Hon. Haruna Kabir Alfa, Member.
(17) Mall. Mahmud Suleiman Badetu, Member.
(18) Prof. Kasim Umar Member
(19) Alh. Mohd Isah Usman Leader, Member.
(20) Hon. Usman Awumi FUL, Member.
(21) Hon. Abdulmalik Kasim (ES), Member.
(22) Comr. Jibril Alhassan, Member.
(23) Hon. Aliyu Jiya Edantu, Member.
(24) Hon. Tijani Yabagi Elagi, Member.
(25) Alh. Isyaku Umar Aginni, Member.
(26) Hon. Gimba Kaka Audu, Member.
(27) Hajiya Jummai Katun Isah, Member.
(28) Hajiya Fati Abdulkadir, Member.
(29) Hajiya Gogo Abdulmalik, Member.
(30) Mallama Ya- Abinni, Member.
(31) Mallama Sakinatu Suleiman, – Member.
(32) Hon. Alhassan Dangana Ebbe, – Secretary CWC.

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(1) Hon. Ndagi Abdullahi Nuhu, – Chairman.
(2) Hon. Idris Kasim Aloma, – Vice Chairman.
(3) Mall. Mahmud Suleiman Badetu,- Member.
(3) Hon. Mohd F. Ibrahim Banana,- Member.
(4) Hon. Aliyu B. Idris, – Member.
(5) Hon. Mohd Momoh Saba Ekan, – Member.
(6) Mall. Bawallah Ekpan Abugi, – Member.

(1) Hon. Ibrahim Danlami Leader, – Chairman.
(2) Mall. Umar Gwagwalada Abuja, – Vice Chairman.
(3) Mall. Kabir Isah Etsu Balaka, – Member.
(4) Hon. Mohd Isah Baba Karo, – Member.
(5) Comr. Mohd Bochi Umar Karagi, – Member.
(6) Hon Alh.Hassan Abugi,- Member.
(7) Mal. Ahmed Isa Babagaza -Member

(1) Mall. Abdulrahman Dansebe Isah, – Chairman.
(2) Mall. Mahmud Suleiman Badetu Abuja, – Co- Chairman.
(3) Mall. Ahmed Aliyu Dabologi , – Vice Chairman.
(4) Hon. Shaaba Mohammed Co-Vice Chairman
(5) Hon. Mahmud Aliyu Kupa, – Member.
(6) Hon. Yakubu Yahaya, – Member.
(7) Hon. Mahmud Momoh Laggan, – Member.
(8). Mal. Abdulmalik Alhassan -Member

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(1) Hon. Abdulmalik Suleiman, – Chairman.
(2) Hon. Alhassan Salihu Abugi, – Vice Chairman.
(3) Hon. Musa Hamidu Ebwa, – Member.
(4) Mall. Abdullahi Kabir Etsu, – Member.
(5) Mall. Isah Kabir Aliyu, – Member.
(6) Hon. Haruna Kabir Alfa – Member

(1) Hon. Haruna Kabir Alfa, – Chairman.
(2) Mall. Abdulrahman Dansebe Isah, – Vice Chairman.
(3) Mall. Ya Umaru Gwagwalada Abuja, – Member.
(4) Hon. Ismaila Adamu, – Member.
(5) Mall. Usman Yakubu Tatah, – Member.
(6) Mall. Mohd Musa Gbebu, – Member.
(7) Alh Nda Api Dama Abugi, – Member.
(8) Mal. Abdulmalik Usman – Member

(1) Hajiya Jummai Katun Isah, – Chairperson.
(2) Hajiya Fati Abdulkadir, – Co- Chairperson
(3) Hajiya Aishat Usman Isah. Co-Chairperson
(4) Hajiya Gogo Abdulmalik, – Vice Chairperson.
(5) Hon. Aisha Lami Isyaku, – Co- vice Chairperson.
(6) Hon. Saratu Aliyu, – Member.
(7) Mallama Sakinatu Suleiman, – Member.
(8) Mallama Yabinni Abugi, – Member.
(9) Mallama Hajiya Ya Kanani, – Member.
(10) Mallama Aishat Lami Alhassan, – Member.
(11) Mallama Hassana Abugi, – Member.
(12) Mallama Ya Kusan Nda Aliyu, – Member.

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(1) Hajiya Maria Ibrahim
(2)Comr Mohd Awwal aka Abugi, Co- Chairman.
(3) Hon. Ismaila Shehu, – Vice Chairman.
(4) Hon. Shaaba Mohammed -Member
(5) Mall. Baba Isanlu, – Member.
(6) Mall. Yakubu Zekeri, – Member.
(7) Hon. Mohd Isah Baba Karo, – Member.
(8) Hon. Aliyu Kupa Aginni, – Member.
(9) Hon. Idris Kasim Aloma, – Member.
(10) Alh. Shanba Sansan, – Member.
(11) Mall. Etsu Balaka Abuja, – Member.
(12) Mall. Iya Bakimpa Abugi, – Member.
(13) Hajiya Hauwa Jumai Isa.
(1) Dr. Sani Isa Maiyaki Chairman.
(2) Lt. Col Sagir Isa,- Co- Chairman.
(3) Mal. Zakari Kabir
Isah Co-Chairman
(4) Mall. Mahmud Suleiman (Badetu), Vice Chairman
(5) Officer Abdullahi Gimba Sura.
Vice Chairman. 1
(6) Dr. Gimba Mohammed
Vice Chairman 2
(7) Hajiya Yakapa Suleja,- Member
(8)Hajara Isa -Member
(9) Mall. Shehu Kabir Isa,
(10) Mall. Suleiman Bamasi Ismaila
– Secretary.
(11) Mal. Mahmud Mohammed -Member

(1) All Kupa Emirates Traditional Council members.
(2) All Kupa Traditional King Makers.
(3) All the Imams in Kupa.
(3) The Sagi of Kupa
(4) All the Wards and Village Heads.
(5) All Contestants of the Stool of the MAIYAKI OF KUPA.

Hon. Haruna Kabir Alfa
For Etsu Kupa Maiyaki
(The Maiyaki Of Kupa)

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