Ofu Palliative Was Never Handed Over To Me, I was removed by power brokers who Don’t Like Me – Hon. Hassan Atawodi

By Amuda Dan Sulaiman Fab

Hon. Hassan Atawodi, the sacked Transition Chairman of Ofu Local Government Area has opened up on why he was removed, said he lost to power play of some political leaders who do not like him.

He added that , the Palliative meant for Ofu LGA was not handed over to him, saying how can he divert what was not given to him.

Hon. Hassan said there was a gang up against him, as at no time did he divert Palliatives meant for the people, stressed that he was denied the clearance letter that would have allowed him to collect the Palliative.

He said his travails began from the day he was appointed, possibly because he was not the choice of the alleged power brokers, said after signing for the Palliative for Ofu, the next day he could not get the clearance letter because of what he called orders from above.

” Upon assumption of office, I did appointed my 5 aides and 6 Special Advisers. Later they reported me to the powers that be that I did the appointment without consulting them”.

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” They went to the extent of sending pictures of somebody I appointed to say he is a member of an opposition party”.

” I was asked to go to meet with the Leader of the Local Government in company of the House of Assembly Member, the Local Government and the Zonal Party Chairmen which I did and asked that they should please forgive me following their report with a call on them to please join me so that we can work together”.

” Following my appeal to those who reported me over the appointment, I was asked to go and dissolve the aides I appointed which I did by going on air as promised and dissolved all the SSAs”.

The former Transition Chairman said he is innocent of the allegations of diversion of Palliative leveled against him, called on the State Governor to look into the matter critically as the said palliative was at no time ever handed over to him.

” I was not giving palliative to share. On hearing about the palliative, I went to the Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs who asked that there is an instruction for me not to be given the palliative”.

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” The Commissioner asked me to put a call across to the Deputy Governor before it could be released. I put a call from the morning through till about 4:00pm on the said day, without my calls being picked “.

” I later went back to the Commissioner who said the Deputy Governor is yet to call. I had to leave to return the following day”.

” The next day, upon arrival at the Government House, I saw the DLG, SLG and the APC Chairman for my local government. They Commissioner said he has been directed to release the palliative to them”.

” I was asked by the Commissioner to remain calm, particularly that with the several leaders I have in my Local Government, he doesn’t think I should bother myself with how the palliative would be shared”.

” After they moved the palliative from the Muhammadu Buhari Civic Centre, I called the DLG to ask about the whereabout of the palliative that is the 1200 bags of rice. He said it was off-loaded at the residence of the Zonal Chairman in Ejule. I asked if it was safe there as I would have guaranteed that if brought to the Local Government Secretariat, it would be more safe and would reach the intended beneficiaries”.

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” I was at the Governorship Tribunal in Abuja yesterday when somebody called me to inform me that a letter of replacement was being typed to replace me after which I was later told that I have been replaced “.

While the former Transition Chairman said he has taken the power play against him as the will of God, lamented that he was surprised to read on the social media that his sack was connected with alledged diversion of Palliative that was never given or handed over to him.

” My hands are clean and I know that my God will fight for me. Since my assumption, it’s been one battle to another. The DSS are all aware of my travails”.

The former Transition Chairman called on Gov. Ahmed Usman Ododo to Constitute an investigation into the reason behind his removal, pointing out that it could not have been over a palliative that was not handed over to him.

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