I’m joining Kogi House Of Assembly Race To Bring Fresh Ideas, Professionalism – Sulaiman

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A Philanthropist, IBRAHIM SULAIMAN, has said that he is joining the race for the Kogi State House of Assembly to bring in fresh ideas and professionalism in serving the people.

In a chat with AMUDA DAN SULAIMAN FAB, he said Nigerians and Kogites particularly need to move forward and that only a paradigm shift from what used to be to innovative and professional approach spearheaded by a professional like him will make it happen.

Below are his comments:

Why do you want to migrate from the corporate world into the Nigerian political space?

Well, I’m not migrating and I’m not new to the Nigerian political space due to my past roles. Looking at Nigeria’s political space, you will observe that time has come for fresh ideas and professionals to be involved for better service to the public. This is the reality coupled with the fact that I decided to heed the call of my people to serve them.

How long have you nurtured this idea of getting involved in the political space?

I’ve been a participant in the political space for a long time, even right from my school days. The only change this time is that I’m offering myself up for a political position, and this is because I believe I can deliver for the people and meet their aspirations. That is why I’ll be seeking the Lokoja 1 Constituency seat in the Kogi State House of Assembly in 2023 because I believe it affords me the platform to launch my ideas and advocate for the good of the people.

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Which political party do you belong to and have you officially declared your intentions to run?

At the moment, I belong to the All Progressives Congress (APC). As for declaring my intention to run, the time is not yet right to do so. However, I’ve begun consultations, which usually is the key thing, and the outcome will guide my public declaration.

How prepared and sure that you would clinch your party ticket?

I’m well prepared and trusting the party stakeholders in Kogi State and my constituency as well as delegates to consider me for the ticket for the Lokoja 1Constituency on the platform of APC. As I said earlier, I’m already in consultation with stakeholders and the reception so far has been encouraging. By God’s grace, I’ll get the APC ticket and go on to win the elections in 2023.

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Do you believe in the Nigerian political process and what do you think can be done to improve the system?

I’ll be lying to you if I tell you that Nigeria’s political process is encouraging, however, whatever flaw in the system can only be corrected when we get involved. This is one of the reasons that propelled my decision to fully go into Nigerian politics. Complaining, as we can see, isn’t enough, but for us, especially young people, to participate in politics and make the changes they think are lacking in the system.

As a young candidate, what would you advise young Nigerians interested in running for office?

They should make up their minds early enough, and find a party that aligns with their ideology to get a platform. As things stand today in Nigeria, two parties – APC and PDP – have more chance of winning an election, and so, should get more preference from young Nigerians in political party consideration. If young Nigerians can make their numbers felt in both parties, it will hasten the process for the older generation to trust young Nigerians with leadership positions.

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Why do you think you are the best person for to represent your constituency?

Although I have not been elected to serve in the legislative arm of any of the tiers of government, I am not new to politics nor legislative business. My dual experience during my school days and as a friend to the current Assembly member, Hon. Isah Umar, exposed me to the nitty-gritty of the legislature. I appreciate the fact that the parliament is where laws are made, on which the executive acts. Therefore, I am well prepared to lead pro-people bills and other legal instruments to ensure that service delivery is rendered to the people of Lokoja 1 Constituency, which I anticipate to represent.

I’m well prepared for the job, which makes me stand out as the best fit for the position.

Who is your preferred contender for the 2023 presidential election?

Of course my Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello is my choice.

But as I noted earlier, Nigeria is in a turbulent situation and to get out of this mess, Nigeria needs a tested and capable leader. Someone who’s is versed in economic management and a detribalised Nigerian that can bring the country together.

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