Politics Is  A game Of number, And We Have The Number To Ride To Victory

By Umar Sanda

For slave trade to succeed the creation of wars between families and kingdoms was used and when colonialism came they adopted the divide and rule method particularly in the northern parts of the country for it succeed and later came neo-colonialism even after independence we are today our own enemy.

And so if today despite your level of education, exposure and experience, all you think of when it comes to fair sharing of available opportunities and resources amongst others, is to manipulate, subjugate the other person, then your education is questionable.

It was Herbert Spencer who said, “the purpose of education is not just knowledge but action. What he meant is for all to act in accordance to the laid down principle of upholding humanity first in all we do without prejudices, biasness but balanced appreciation of the essence of the creation. Which is for all to enjoy every opportunity that abounds. Be it natural resources, political office or what have you.

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It is against this background that I write to say the lopsided position of Senate, State appointments and many other wonderful opportunities the Lokoja and Koto to some extent are supposed to enjoy as Kogi Western Senatorial District people has not been even, equal or balanced.

Today, it is expedient that the people of the area rise up to the occasion through the ballot with their voter’s card as the greatest weapon at their disposal and showcase their voting strength considering their number and use same to their own advantage by voting the candidate of the New Nigerian People’s Party, (NNPP).


This is not just about party but simply the God’s blessings of the population we are endowed with and giving the circumstances that five (5) contestants from the Okuns axis against one Hon. Muhammed Ibukun Abubakar aka Bukky from Lokoja / Kogi Koton-Karfe, the chances are clear in favor of the New Sharrif in town and the people of his Constituency.

I used this medium to charge all stakeholders across the Senatorial District and particularly the Constituency of Lokoja and Koto to ignore party differences and see this opportunity as one that cannot only give them what they truly deserved having served others but the pride for making significant point in the political future of this Senatorial District and the State at large.

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