It was reported in some sections of the media that it was only five (5) delegates from Kotonkarfe that returned their individual cash given to them for the purpose of logistics, let it be known that such report is not true, the truth of the matter is that these five (5) honest men returned the money in bulk and not only their individual cash.

Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi had appreciated the five delegates who returned the money allocated for feeding, transportation, accommodation and other logistics they received on behalf of the about 60 delegates from Kogi Local Government.

Let it be on record that these five outstanding men a week after the primary election returned the whole money given to the entire Kogi LGA delegates for logistics during the Kogi West APC Primary Election which took place at Kabba on the 28th of May, 2022 and was marred with irregularities and malpractices.

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They said to Senator Smart that in Islam, it is haram (prohibited) to take what does not belong to them.

In their words, Our Distinguished Senator, the money you gave for feeding, accommodation and transport to support us, we have returned all your money because we were not allowed to vote for you because the returning officer, Engineer Bashir Gegu, a serving commissioner for solid minerals in kogi state who is from same kogi local government with us disallowed us to vote for you, when he sensed we were resolute on our decision to forge ahead by voting for you as our choice despite the threats, intimidations and manipulations he changed his tactics as our voting rights was exercise before us without our consent.
But you are our candidate. They burst into tears, that they had been denied.

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The essence of this statement is to call on well meaning nigerians who appreciates distinguished nigerians of honour and integrity to join Senator Smart Adeyemi to appreciate them irrespective of tribe and religion.

The Senator expressed his utmost respect for these men who deemed it fit to return the money in bulk and this necessitated him to have encouraged them to build their faith to do more. In addition Senator Smart Adeyemi blessing the entire money, return the cash back to them and equally promised to sponsor the five of them to Hajj for their high level of honesty and sincerity, noting that he has not found their kind of faith in the last 15 years of been in partisan politics.

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While appreciating them, he said with their action, they have further endeared Islam to his heart.

It is on record that Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi (CON) had sponsored not less than 400 Muslim to Mecca.

Adeleye Oluwafemi Godwin,
SA Media to Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi (CON), NASS, ABUJA.
18th June, 2022.

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