Ohimegye-Igu Celebrates 10th Year Coronation Anniversary In Grand Style

*** As Dignitaries across the world celebrate him

By Amuda Dan Sulaiman Fab

Igu kingdom in Kogi state, Wednesday, stood still, as its Paramount ruler, the Ohimegye-Igu of Koton-Karfe, HRM Alhaji Abdulrazak Gambo Sani Isah-Koto, celebrated his 10th coronation anniversary in grand style.

The coronation saw the high and low within and outside the Igu Kingdom, trooping out enmasse to felicitate with the Ohimegye-Igu.

The ceremony was heralded with dance and cultural displays from various communities at his palace.

In his remarks, Ohimegye-Igu, who thanked the people of his Kingdom and Kogi state for their unflinching support over the years, however pointed that without them many other feats could not have been possible.

The celebrator, who was full of gratitude said “Today, I must sincerely thank God for his faithfulness, love, care, mercy, strength, support, inspiration and guidance towards us in the past years. We are assured that he will continue to lead us to higher levels of success and significance.”

Delivering a keynote address, Alhaji Hassan Shu’aibu Ohimozi, who is the chairman of the occasion commended the monarch for his honesty, simplicity and the ability to carry everybody along.

Ohimozi said within the 10 years on throne, the Ohimegye-Igu had achieved numerous achievements, including the promotion of peace and security in the Kingdom.

His speech reads in part:
“Distinguish Ladies and Gentlemen.
In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon
Praise be to Allah; we praise Him, seek His forgiveness and turn to Him in repentance.’ We seek refuge with him from the evils of our souls and the evils of our deeds. Whomever Allah guides, none can misguide, and whomever Allah leads astray, none can guide bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone without partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad (SAW) is his servant and Messenger.

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HRM, Agabaidu, sons and daughters of Igu Kingdom, I greet you with the best form of greetings that is – Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

Today we gather here as sons and daughters of this great Kingdom whom have come from far and near places to rejoice and celebrate with our Father and Grandfather Alh. Abudulrazak Sani Isa Koto, the 25th Ohimegye of Igu Kingdom who ascended the throne on the 5th day of October, 2012. Today Marks the 10th year Anniversary of HRM, Agabaidu.

This anniversary is unique because, in his quest to turn this Kingdom to a Mini Saudi Arabia, HRM has graciously approved that Naseehah should be held to mark the anniversary since our sound cultural heritages friendly and almost tantamount to that of Islamic culture.
And this explains why we as people are predominantly Muslims.

This speech cannot be complete without sympathizing and sharing the pain of our people who the recent flood has rendered them homeless, we need to call on the government and international community and individual to come to our aid for support for the victims of this flood.
May Allah come to our aid.

Our Islamic, Scholars have explained that URF and AI-AADAAT meaning cultural norms and customs should be followed except where the divine have forbade it or superseded it.

The Arabs, like all other human societies in general, developed many good customs before the advent of prophetic -guidance. Such customs were well suited to the environment and circumstances. The prophet affirmed and perfected them, only abolishing those pre-lslamic customs that were unsound and or detrimental. This is why the prophet Muhammad (SAW) is reported in numerous hadith to have said that the purpose of his mission was to perfect the good moral qualities (Makarimul akhlaq) of the people, and not to obliterate them.

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Sons and daughters of this Land, we should all know that this land is bigger than every individual. Let there be concerted efforts by everybody to bring development to our Land. Let there be a positive change of mindsets and attitude towards our people and our Land. We do not have another land other than this. All hands must be on deck to change the narrative. Our land has suffered neglect. Let us love each other irrespective of our differences ‘and eschew hatred. Let us embrace each other for the sake of our Land. This community must progress and our people must change their character for good. Let’s us help each other to grow and always think of how to contribute our quota to the development of this Kingdom. Let’s be united, because there’s strength in unity. United we stand divided we fall.

Sons and daughters of our community, this throne of HRM is an extension of Allah’s throne on the earth. In suratul Baqarah verse 30, Allah informed His Angels of His intention to create a Khalifah on the earth. One of the leading Quranic Commentators – Imam Qurtabi in his famous Tafsir explains Khalifa to mean Allah’s vicegerent, Allah’s surrogate and Allah’s deputy who judges disputes that occur between people, forbidding them from injustices and sins. To affirm his translation he made refe~e-:r to Suratul Saad Verse 26 where Allah said: 0 Dawud; Verily we have placed you as a vicegerent on the earth so, FAHKUM BAINA NAASI BIL HAQQI – meaning – judge between men in truth (and justice). In view of the above, I urge myself, every sons and daughters of this Land to hold HRM with high esteem, honor and respect, since his throne is an extension of Allah’s throne.-Any attempt at undermining his power and authority is tantamount to disobeying Allah and His prophet (SAW).

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Two great Islamic Scholars who are sons of the soil, who have also distinguished themselves in Islamic education within and outside the Kingdom, have been, selected to admonish us on this historic day. I have no doubt that will: in their capability to do justice to the topic given to them to discuss.

Sons and daughters, the task of making this Land a safe place to live is a task for everybody. The Ohimegye – Agabaidu cannot do it alone needs our support for him. Without him being there we cannot succeed as people, and without us, he cannot be ruling in a vacuum. So, with him to take our Land to a greater level.

I thank every one of us who honored our Father, his HRM’s invitation. This august occasion should have been celebrated with pump and pageantry, but his majesty has chosen that the celebration should be prayers for the throne, his family and the good people of Kogi Local Government Area.

Glory is to you oh Allah praise is to you, I bear witness that fits none worthy of worship but you I seek for your forgiveness and repent and you,” Ohimozi prayed.

Meanwhile, traditional rulers across the Kingdom, political heavy weight from Kogi State and beyond, captains of industry across Nigeria and well wishers from Kogi local government area and beyond were all on ground to identify with the Ohimegye- Igu on this epoch making occasion.

Pictures of the event below:

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