How el-Rufai Sacrificed For Nigeria’s Unity, Progress – Wike

By Amuda Dan Sulaiman Fab

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state has lauded Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna state for his leadership style and service to the people.

He described him as a selfless Nigerian who sacrificed everything for the unity of the country.

Speaking at the presentation of a book on el-Rufai, titled, “Putting The People First”, authored by a veteran journalist, Emmanuel Ado, Wike commended el-Rufai’s loyalty to the people, boldness to tell truth to power including his controversial letter to President Muhammadu Buhari in 2017 telling him to deliver good governance to the people and the recent condemnation of the CBN cashless policy ahead of the 2023 general elections despite being a member of the ruling APC.

Wike recommended el-Rufai as an achiever and a performer noting that since he left the FCT as minister, the federal capital has deteriorated.

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“Today is an opportunity to celebrate Governor el-Rufai’s exemplary leadership qualities and character. He was one of the governors who said for unity of this country, and for this country to move forward, let the presidency go to the south. He can as well put himself forward for president, but he didn’t do that. I’m here to honour a man who has shown service to the people. He has put the people first, he has put Nigeria first. He is loyal, but loyalty on principle, not loyalty that cannot face leadership and tell leadership what is right and what is not right.

“When you left office, that is when people would talk about you. When you were FCT minister, people may not like you, but they agreed that you did very well. That is not the Abuja of today. It is not the same. We need people like you to turn back what FCT used to be. If you go to Abuja now, you will see refuse everywhere, that was not what we want.”

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The Rivers governor urged Kaduna state governor-elect, Sen. Uba Sani, to be ready to take hard and difficult decisions even if people would call him names, adding that a leader that cannot take decision is a failure. He also urged him not to allow those who don’t like the progress of the state to put wedge between him and el-Rufai.

Commenting on the recent news of rift between him and Governor-elect of Rivers state, Wike said it is the people that he has beaten severally in recent elections that are trying to fight back.

“I read it somewhere today that Governor Wike and his son are fighting. There is no iota of truth in the story. But I know where it is coming from. I have beaten them ‘shegely’ so they have nothing to do but to cause confusion.”

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Governor Nasir el-Rufai in his remarks, said he and Wike are alike in talking truth to power.

He assured Kaduna state people that he would not make any new appointment in his remaining eight days in the office, but warned that he would demolish what needed to be demolished and he would sack any worker that deserved to be sacked.


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