Whenever discussion is centered on the topic that Okun people don’t love themselves or fail to assist their fellow Okun person when in position to do so or working against the political interest of one another.

One thing that readily comes to my mind is that among the factors militating against the socioeconomic, political, societal/COMMUNITY and human development of the Okun nation is lack of Unity amongst ourselves.

Unity is that only veritable tool needed for the structure of a lasting foundation upon which we can and will be able to build sustainable socioeconomic, political, community/human development platforms that we have been yearning for from time immemorial.

It will sound strange or out of place if we say and conclude that without Unity ” all our clamour for development, power shift, and gaining prominent space among the comity of ethnic nationalities will be become a mirage or an effort in futility .

The inability of Okun son’s and daughters to assist their ethnic compatriots ” is borne out of lack of love for another” which is a bye product of absence of Unity.

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When Unity is in place among people, loving one another becomes the order of the day.

This lack of Unity among us is the major reason why we find it easy to pull down our elected political office holders, even when they are performing creditably well ” an act that should be discouraged completely”.

It is high time that we put heads together and come up with a template that will holistically initiate , sustain and coordinate the retrieval of Unity into our midst as a people.
If we sincerely set the ball rolling in this regard , it will become easy for us to address the monsters threatening our coexistence as a people.

It will become easy to assist ourselves in securing employment opportunities ” where they are available” , put in place Initiatives that will greatly alleviate poverty, enhanced community development initiatives that will greatly transform our various communities.

Our cry of political marginalization would have been tackled long time ago , as we would have acknowledged and focused on the strength of our women folk in POLITICS and grassroot mobilization.

With this knowledge we would have put in place machineries that will make them know we acknowledge and appreciate their grassroot mobilising strength.


Having done this it will now be easy for us to put in place Initiatives that will encourage them to come massively during campaign periods , voter’s registration exercises , and on voting day.

This will ensure we do not neglect the issue of mobilising our people to come out in their great numbers during voter’s registration exercise ” making use of the WOMEN who are naturally born canvassers.

All hands must be on deck irrespective of communal difference to come out with one unequivocal voice as Okun people to.say a capital emphatic NO to this lack of Unity that is not only threatening our peaceful coexistence as a people, but tearing the fabrics of our socioeconomic, political, and community/human development.
On a last note, I will lend a voice to our agitation for power shift, and give a personal opinion that I not only hope, but believe will go a long way in boosting our efforts at making our agitation for power shift a dream come TRUE .

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I strongly suggest that leaders of thought from the various district’s that make up the Okun nation should put in place a group of committed, dedicated and sincere eminent personalities who are passionately committed to our agitation for power shift into a high powered Committee with the acronym ” AWALOKAN” who will liaise with our compatriots in other parts of Kogi West senatorial district to initiate, sustain and coordinate a cordial relationship with the Kogi Central people ” especially, the incumbent government of His Excellency, Alh Usman Ododo, Governor of Kogi State ” as lobbying has been found to be a veritable tool to attain great heights in all fields of life , especially POLITICS.
This noble Initiative will put us at an advantaged point when it is time to cede the governorship ticket , after the successful completion of tenure of this government.

It will make them accept us in good faith and with open arms.
This opinion of mine is open to positive criticism, that comes along with options that will address the monster of Disunity tearing us apart ” so help us God”.

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