Agitate For Senatorial Position Instead Of Governorship – Bukky Advices Lokoja/Koto Politicians

MUHAMMED ABUBAKAR IBUKUN BUKKY, is the Kogi West Senatorial District candidate for the New Nigeria People’s Party, (NNPP). In this interview with select journalists including AMUDA DAN SULAIMAN FAB, in Lokoja on Thursday, he spoke on the need for agitators of zoning Governorship position to Lokoja-Koto to jettison the clamour and what he would do differently if elected.

What is your view in the recent calls by few people from Lokoja-Koto asking for governorship of Kogi state in 2023?

In recent time, Lokoja-Koto have been relegated politically. I am aware of the recent agitation from few individuals that Lokoja-Koto should vie for the position of governor comes 2023.

But to me I think we should get our priority right. I am of the view that there are factors we should consider being thinking or agitating for the position. As far as I am concern there are certain things we need to do before we can think of becoming the governor of Kogi State.

Apparently, in the past we can just sit down and decided that this is what we wanted to do politically and it will be achievable, but today we need to plan, make adequate consultations within and even outside the state before we can venture into seeking a bigger political positions.

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I am not unaware that we are qualified for the position of governor, but this is certainly not the right time to agitate for such position.

As far as I am concern the political equation whether we like it or not , it does not favour us as at today and what the body language of our people are asking for is the senate position which of course is realizable.

Politics has changed drastically because in the past political leaders can decide for people but today it is the people who decide for themselves and from the body language of Lokoja – Koto the position we want now is senate .

I am urging the agitators of governorship in 2023 to think twice because they are only promoting issues that are not feasible.

Again, the level of acceptability of our ambition is very high among the populace of Lokoja- Koto which to me seems to be a threat to some people , but I have not seen any body that come around to say Lokoja- Koto I am giving you the governorship of the state come 2023 election.

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Therefore I am calling on our people not to allow themselves to be used by some people who are desirous of distracting our ambition of winning the senate position of Kogi West. This position is realistic and achievable and as such we should endeavor to get our priority right.

We should think twice before promoting an agenda that is not realistic.

What will you do if giving the mandate that will differ from other people that had occupied the position in the past?

I have the privilege of knowing many senators from other states who have performed creditably especially in the areas of upliftment of people from poverty. I will study the performance of such senators , build on it and replicate such performance in my constituency or district.

I am assuring my people that if I am giving the mandate I will do a lot for them differently from what others have done in the past.

NNPP is a young political party. What are your chances of winning the election?

I am saying without fear of contradiction that 2023 elections the determinant will not be big names, rather it will be determine by the masses. The big names have failed this country and it is time for Nigerians to try another party.

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NNPP is growing every day and its acceptability at the grassroot is very high and as such the party will pull surprise in the next election if only INEC can conduct free, fair and credible election in 2023.

What is your message to members and supporters of NNPP in Kogi State?

First and foremost I thank them for coming out in their large numbers to receive our presidential candidate Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso both in Lokoja and at Ogbonicha the country home of our leader Prince Abubakar Audu of blessed memory.

My advise to NNPC members is that they should remain focus and they should shun issues that will distract us from achieving our set goal which is winning the next senate position.

I am also reiterating that it is not yet time for us to agitate for governorship position certainly it will come when the time ripe.

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