House Of Assembly: Why I Want To Represent My Constituency –Yabagi

Hon. Shehu Yabagi is a Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), House of Assembly aspirant for Lokoja 1 State Constituency. In this interview with AMUDA DAN SULAIMAN FAB, Yabagi speaks on his plans for his constituency if elected. Excerpts:

What motivated you to want to contest for the legislative seat of Lokoja 1 Constituency in the Kogi House of Assembly?

It is because of the level of poverty and deprivation of my people. I saw that there is the need for my people to be liberated. I also saw the need to develop my Constituency which has been deprived of all facets of development despite the resources we have at our disposal. I am talking about constituency allowances. Some Members would collect it without giving account of it. I am out to liberate my people from oppression and suppression.

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What are your plans to ensure credible representation of your people?

If given the mandate, I would give priority to agriculture. I would ensure that fertilisers and farm inputs are provided. I will also ensure Youth empowerment. Let me tell you that Nigerian youths are active and productive. You only need to kick-start them with a little amount of money and they would perform wonders. I would also make sure that I create a scholarship scheme to enable the less privileged youths pursue their education. I would also give priority to women, especially orphans and widows in my Constituency. I would also promote sports activities, especially football which is the in-thing, just to foster unity among the youths. I would also drill boreholes in communities within my constituency.

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Do you have any sponsor? How do you intend to match the financial muscle of more established opponents in the other parties?

God is my sponsor! As far as I am concerned, I am out to win elections and not to defeat anybody. I am hopeful that I shall emerge winner. I know politics is capital intensive but there is a limit to which money would play a role in politics.

If eventually you get your party’s ticket, what are your chances in the next year’s elections?

My chances are very bright! I am saying this without mincing words that my chances are very bright. I am hopeful that I would emerge the winner by God’s grace.

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What is your message to the electorate in your constituency?

They should give me their votes and they will never regret they did. They should get their PVCs ready for the elections. Remember, INEC would only count their votes and not their prayers and wishes.

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