Kwankwaso Not A Desperate Politician, Cares For Talakawas

By Abdulmalik Sulaiman

Former Governor of Kano State, Sen. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso remains one of the few Nigerian leaders who sees leadership as a veritable platform for ensuring a better society for all.

Unlike others in his class, a leader must at all times use the God given privilege to emancipate the downtrodden in the society.

In and out of public office he has demonstrated this over the years and there are so many positive legacy that are there for all to see.

While in office variously, as Rep member, Governor, Senator and a member of the Federal cabinet, it is on record that all his policies, programmes and actions are tailored towards human capital development of the people.

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Out of office too, he has been using the platform provided by the Kwankwassiyya Movement to achieve the goal of ensuring proper education and human capital development of the less privileged in your society.

Though, willing and able to serve, he is not desperate to serve. The only thing he prays for is that God should give him opportunity to serve and use leadership platform for the common good of all.

To him, only politicians with evil and sinister motives are the ones desperate for leadership for personal gains and benefits. He is not one of such.

Sen. Kwankwaso is not desperate about acquiring public office by do or die approach but by persuasive, successive records and personal integrity built over the years.

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When Sen. Kwankwaso lost reelection in 2003 to Ibrahim Shekarau, Kwankwaso never seek for legal means to upturned Shekarau’s victory even though, the power that be wanted but he resisted it, rather he went ahead to congratulate and wish him well.

Although, 2027 is in the hand of Almighty Allah, Sen. Kwankwaso major preoccupation at the moment is to join forces with other like minds across the country to help solve the numerous problems confronting the country at the moment.

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